Coincidentally, Ctrl+Alt+F2 is the combination on my luggage.

Oh, Linux. don't ever change.

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  1. Sol Aardvarktikus says:

    Dear Mr. JWZ,

    You are clever. Could you please tell my why everything is terrible?

    Could you not save us? Is it even beyond your power?

    All the best,

    Nobody Important

    • robert_ says:

      He has already told us what to do - that is why jwz will be our new god.

  2. rcn says:

    Wow. That's just... wow.
    I understand that desktop computers and laptops are "so 90s" now and no one buys them anymore and it doesn't matter that the OS and software situation is worse every year, but I still need them to do my job, and the current options seem to be:

    1 - Linux, which has been getting worse and worse since about 2002
    2 - Windows, which was never really an option, but at least XP let you do some work in a mostly sane way (if you're an assistant or if you only need MS word and excel)
    3 - Macs, which are also going downhill since Jobs died.

    Anyone knows of a better option? Should I leave my job and become a farmer?

  3. What was that, Lightning Linux or Black Dog? E18 always just shows me data from an offline drive I never remembered needing, having run a bit of regression on the look on my face.

  4. Miguelito says:

    loginctl sounds very systemd to me. Thankfully I haven't seen this yet.

    Currently trying to find ways to work around how broken automount is on systemd hosts since they made /etc/mtab a link to /proc/mounts and broke what worked for 15+ years... We have huge direct maps and without some hacks in place the initial startup and mkdir process can take >6 hours.

    They don't seem to care how changes effect enterprise users.

    • Ducksauz says:

      Perhaps you should test your shit in dev before you wholesale upgrade all your prod environment? That way you can figure out what breaks and not be here bitching about it.

      • BHN says:

        Or maybe things being released into use (not as 'beta testing') shouldn't ?&$#@+* break things the developers know people expect to work?

        Having to keep checking for 'what will break this time' just seems to confirm what's said about the systemd team and their attitude. Contrast with 'no regressions' as a philosophy.

      • Perhaps Miguelito is bitching about the results of such testing?

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