Advertising nonstop

So I'm going through today's feeds, and there's a just-slightly-clever music video. The music is shitty, the theme is infantile, but it has some pretty cool visual effects in it. I'm considering adding it to the list when I notice that every 20 seconds, there's a blatant product placement for a certain notably-shitty beer.

And not even clever product placement: more like, "we ham-handedly photoshopped in a bottle of beer into every scene that didn't include someone driving, and only omitted those because the Comics Code Authority or whatever says we can't."

It didn't end with a sarcastic "DRINK RESPONSIBLY" banner, so I guess they don't literally believe that this was a commercial. This must mean it's an attempt to do an end-run around someone's advertising guidelines.

No, obviously I'm not linking to it.

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  1. Helyx says:

    Someone's ascribing to the Bill and Ted school of product placement, but missed the class where they explained satire, then?

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