DNA Lounge: Wherein there are photos, and also photos.

I filled up the blank white wall behind the Above DNA bar with a bunch of photos of bands who have played in that room! It turns out that upstairs has been open long enough now that there were quite a few to choose from. See how many of them you recognize...

Frames are annoyingly expensive. Please don't break them.

Also here are some photos of other recent events. Casket Girls were awesome!

Monday Hubba
Burlesque Nation
Eli Paperboy Reed
Electric Bootie Carnival

Ill Niño
Casket Girls
I'm still puzzled about the economics of the cell phone thefts. I happened to be in the Apple store the other day so I asked one of the employees there if they saw any way to make more than $30 off of a stolen iPhone, and they said it didn't make any sense to them either. Any of the articles I've found about phone theft economics are pre-iOS 8, so they predate the game changer that a stolen iPhone can no longer be reset. And it's not like they have switched to stealing only Android phones.

So look, I'm guessing that the kind of person who thinks that pickpocketing is a good career option isn't likely to read this blog, but on the off chance that you are: can you please post here and explain it to me? How does this line of work make any economic sense? Even if you manage to steal twenty phones a night, you have to split that between five guys, you had to pay to get in to multiple clubs, and in the end you're only making like $8 an hour for running the very real risk that someone's going to beat the shit out of you. So what gives?

Please enjoy jwz mixtape 168: