Luminiferous Painkiller, make it a double!

I'm enjoying the new Dr. Strange. It's much more of a comedy than his character usually is -- this is definitely the Dr. Strange from Howard the Duck. But it's working for me, especially because all of the Marvel magicians apparently hang out in a tiki bar when they're off duty. That's Scarlet Witch drinking from a pineapple that's almost as large as her boob.

Also, attn. my staff and @ddalton: get the Luminiferous Painkiller on the menu, stat!

Do not talk to the snakes.


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  1. Dr. Clysmok says:

    I sincerely hope this is the Strange they're going with in the movie, and not the same old Sturm und Drang...

    • jwz says:

      I'm really not sure that would be the wise choice. But then, I thought, "Ant Man movie? Seriously?" and I was impressed. But I had nothing invested in Ant Man, and I'm afraid I care deeply about Dr. Strange.

      • Andrew says:

        The director has said he's a big fan of the original Steve Ditko Strange Tales version, so if that's the one you're a fan of you may be in luck.

  2. I tried to get the bartender at the Berkeley Yacht Club to put a Green Flash on the menu. Even offered to supply glowsticks.

  3. Reverse Double Plus Good Mirror Irony Illusion Trick says:

    Don't talk to the snakes? Isn't this the blog where you go to talk to the snakes because the snakes are fetched from deepest darkest wherever and placed conveniently on the bar so you can talk to them? But I guess "Don't talk to the snakes" is just the sort of thing that you would say after fetcing snakes from deepest darkest wheverever and placing them on the bar and talking to them for hours, absorbing all of their advice about how to ensure that the people coming in the front door will talk to the snakes for a long as possible, and learning which parts of deepest darkest wherever have even more colorful and cleverly manipulative liars than the snakes that you are talking to right now, unless you can get the people coming in the front door to bring them to you. By which of course I mean getting the snakes that are coming in the front door to stay. Get some people. They like people. Of course when I say "like" I mean "murder." It's what they've always done. It's what they do. They're very good at it. You'll think they are your best friend.

    Hey, want a snake? It's not in your best interest, but you won't mind that if he does his job. Well, you will mind, very much in fact, but not until it's too late. Ahem. Anyway, you don't have to talk to this one. All you have to do is listen. Not for very long, either. Very soon now he will be all the way inside your ear, and then who knows how long it will take for you to get him out? Maybe you never will. Maybe the only one you will be able to find who can do it is a bigger snake. That's the way it goes in snake country. It's dark and getting darker in snake country. Lots of snakes. Easy to find. Getting harder and harder to find a place that isn't snake country any more. They like to come in through the wires....

    Psst. Hey. Hey, you. Don't talk to the snakes. Yeah, it's a really bad idea. Don't ask me how I know; it's an old story. Very long and very old and scaly and... yeah, just trust me. I mean, it should be obvious, but just in case you were wondering, it's a really, really bad idea. Really quite hard to overstate just how bad, actually....

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