Bike theft fail

Hey look, someone tried to steal my ancient, worthless bike! I just noticed, but I guess it happened at Pride. They cut about halfway through the lock before giving up.

So what do you think, do I buy a new lock, or just put some duct tape on that and hope nobody notices?

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14 Responses:

  1. Why bother with the duct tape?

  2. Miguelitosd says:

    Use some back duct tape so it blends in

  3. Adam says:

    You say it was a bike theft fail, but I say it was a bike lock success. You should enshrine it behind the bar to serve as a reminder that we need strong locks around here.

  4. James C. says:

    A yellow and black label next to it that says “cut here”.

    Then find some way to hook it up to 120VAC.

  5. switch says:

    You must know at least one pretty good welder by now. Why put up with a pretty good lock when you can make it... better?

  6. i'm still hoping that someone steals my >15 yo Mountainbike (ideally without damaging my lock and while my bike computer is detached). But it doesn't look like i'll be that luck - so i'll have to dispose of it myself.

  7. Jim says:

    Many years ago someone tried to steal my cheap bike from the local commuter train lot. They used a hammer on the lock and I guess they gave up when they missed: blood on the partly bashed lock and drops of blood on the ground.

    • Tfofurn says:

      I am reminded of my time working at a record store in the early 1990s. Someone decided to steal a cassette. He didn't want to set off the alarm at the door, so he tried to remove the anti-theft tag. The tag was sandwiched between the cassette case and the plastic longbox, meaning there was very little access to it. He picked and picked at it with his fingers for a while before giving up. I retrieved the tape after he left. He'd managed to remove a few shards of the tag's outer shell, but probably not enough to disable it. He lost a few drops of blood in the process.

  8. George Dorn says:

    Cover it with a sticker that reads "Warning, lock is filled with gunpowder."

    Or "This lock is a pipe bomb."

  9. robert_ says:

    Well they all know about the weak point now you've just posted it on the web ;)

  10. Rod Beckwith says:

    I say you buy 2 more locks that are cut 1/2 way through and add duct tape to them all as that will confuse the sh*t out of the 1/2 wits... Long time Jamie...missed ya at the reunion.

  11. Rena says:

    Duct tape on a bike lock sounds like a great way to advertise "free bike!".