DNA Lounge: Wherein the robots are coming.

The Third Annual Cocktail Robotics Grand Challenge is coming up in just two and a half weeks, Sunday July 10!

So if you're going to enter your robot, the time is very much nigh.

We have eight entries so far:

  • TARB 2.0: Totally Analog Robotic Bartender!
  • The Assembly Line: Cocktails of the Industrial Revolution!
  • N. E. BREE-8: Three Laws Compliant!
  • Chassis: Shiny and mobile!
  • The Manhattan Project: Turn the crank!
  • Beerbot: It follows...
  • The Tea Engine: Dial in your tea service!
  • The Volcano God: Prepare your sacrifice!

Not all of them have glossy glamour shots, but we do have a few. This is a pretty attractive crew of robots, if you ask me.

Bring a friend and share a miracle.