You've got to pulverize a few puny human skulls to make an omelette.

A Hybrid Hydrostatic Transmission and Human Safe Haptic Telepresence Robot

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5 Responses:

  1. Jan Kujawa says:

    I've recognized that the only way I will have a place in the new world order is by helping the robots.
    Maybe they will repay my loyalty.

  2. John Holland says:

    The "© Disney" was unexpected at first, but when I thought about it for more than a second, it made complete sense: of course Disney will create the first Robot Overlords, and we'll happily surrender because they'll look like Wall-E.

    In the meantime, the kids are already whining in the back seat for the Haptic Egg Smash™ Happy Meal toy!

  3. Elusis says:

    "If you're gonna make an omelette," etc. etc.

  4. derr says:

    Such a high concentration of painstakingly synthesized petulance could only have been produced by the most hideously arcane sciencings. It must have been written in C++.

  5. Pavel Lishin says:

    "Hey, hey Donald! Check this out! FUCK YOU!"

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