Will HOORAY For Food.

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DNA Lounge: Wherein new puns have been installed above the oven.

The new DNA Pizza menu boards have arrived, check it out:

It looks so slick when it's new, before that furnace of an oven beneath it has warped it and given it a yellow tint... but more importantly, new items!

The appetizers have been re-vamped to be more of a mix-and-match situation, and we've added a few things. Might I particularly recommend the lemon pepper chicken nuggets. Sandwich and salads have also been updated with new puns. The Jayne Cobb Salad and Deep House Salad are out, due to unpopularity (even though I found the names hilarious) but in are: the Leaf Ericson, the Tom Tom Club, the Anton La Vegan and the Mötley Crüton.

The California Chicken, which is actually the sandwich I get most often, is still called that because I haven't been able to come up with a good chicken pun.

The California Über Olive is still probably my favorite of all of these names. You know, Jello Biafra has been here a bunch of times, so I wonder if he's ever noticed it up there. And I wonder if he's ever ordered it. And I wonder if whichever punk rock kid was working the register even recognized him. Because whichever way that scenario played out, it would have been hilarious.

Some photos:

So Stoked
Hubba Hubba: Murder Mansion
Death Guild @ Codeword
Bootie Prom 2015

It was so cool that Snog cosplayed as our ATMs!