Scenes from the UK's growing magician problem

Nymph of Artemis:

Me and my brother spent pretty much all day doing these! [It rained the other day so we have a clean drive!] Yeah, that's a different human transmutation circle. And it is a bigger one too! About 3m across and 10m all the way around. I wanted to do something more complicated... But i only found one that was harder, and it would have used billions of pieces of chalk! So yeah, i stuck to these. Phew~

These are the other ones:

  1. The seal of Orichalcos, yeah, i know it kinda sucks. [Yu-Gi-Oh]
  2. I believe this is the 'Freezing Alchemist's' circle.
  3. Me and my brother made this one up! XD
  4. Homunculus sealing circle.
  5. Roy Mustang's glove circle.
  6. Human transmutation circle, version 2.

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  1. Pavel Lishin says:

    Relax, citizen, the MAGIC CIRCLE OF SAFETY will protect you from CASE NIGHTMARE GREEN. Remember to watch your neighbors for any signs of being a cultist!

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