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Please enjoy jwz mixtape 166.

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Today in Killdozer news

Police in northern China say an argument between construction workers escalated into a clash of heavy machinery that left at least two bulldozers flipped over in a street. The workers were from rival companies competing for business.

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UC Davis spent $175,000 to scrub pepper-spray references from Internet

So I'm sure that went really well.

UC Davis contracted with consultants for at least $175,000 to scrub the Internet of negative online postings following the November 2011 pepper-spraying of students and to improve the reputations of both the university and Chancellor Linda P.B. Katehi, newly released documents show.

The Nevins proposal for UC Davis stated that it would [...] counter negative search keywords for UC Davis by using a "surge of content with positive sentiment and off-topic subject matter" about the university.

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Peelander Z!

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Suburban Chimp Rampage

The chimpanzee was spotted moving along power lines in the residential area and was shot with a tranquilizer.

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Great Moments in Prohibition

This is to certify that the post-accident convalescence of the Hon. Winston S. Churchill necessitates the use of alcoholic spirits especially at meal times. The quantity is naturally indefinite but the minimum requirements would be 250 cubic centimeters. Signed: Otto C. Pickhardt, M.D., January 26, 1932.


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Tooth Worm

The Battle of the Tooth Worm

Treatment of tooth worms varied depending on the severity of the patient's pain. Often, practitioners would try to 'smoke' the worm out by heating a mixture of beeswax and henbane seed on a piece of iron and directing the fumes into the cavity with a funnel. Afterwards, the hole was filled with powered henbane seed and gum mastic. This may have provided temporary relief given the fact that henbane is a mild narcotic. Many times, though, the achy tooth had to be removed altogether. Some tooth-pullers mistook nerves for tooth worms, and extracted both the tooth and the nerve in what was certainly an extremely painful procedure in a period before anesthetics.

The piece of art is titled 'The Tooth Worm as Hell's Demon.' It was created in the 18th century by an unknown artist, and is carved from ivory. It is an incredibly intricate piece when you consider it only stands a little over 4 inches tall. The two halves open up to reveal a scene about the infernal torments of a toothache depicted as a battle with the tooth worm, complete with mini skulls, hellfire, and naked humans wielding clubs.

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iOS and .ics

Dear Lazyweb,

Is clicking on a link to document of type text/calendar believed to work on iOS? Using https:, not webcal:, that is, "event attachment", not "dynamic calendar subscription".

If so, do you have an example of one that works?

Because mine appear not to. Mostly Safari just does nothing, but sometimes it pops up a dialog saying "Download Failed, Safari cannot download this file."

Related question: if Safari was logging an error to syslog on my phone, how would I see it? If it's in "Xcode / Window / Devices / Device / View Device Logs", I don't see it. That seems to only be crash logs, not general syslog verbosity.

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