Hoist the Black

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  1. Steve Allen says:

    "To take full advantage of Vulcan's position overlooking Birmingham, the city's Junior Chamber of Commerce in 1946 made the statue into a symbol for road safety. His spear was replaced by a neon torch that glowed green, except during the 24 hours following a fatal traffic accident, when it glowed red."

  2. thielges says:

    It is telling of our biases when an airliner crashes it makes headline news for days. But when the equivalent of an airliner full of American car crash victims die every day ? Well that's just business as usual.

    Looked at slightly different the USA experiences a 9/11 volume of violent death every month on our roads. Month after month. How about spending a trillion dramatically reducing that recurring tragedy instead of invading Iraq?

    • Joe T. says:

      Rightly or (more likely) wrongly, the general perception is that we've done about all we can about road fatalities, until Google brings us perfect self-driving cars that prevent all collisions and if they aren't perfect then they suck and are horrible death machines. So there's clearly no point in wasting more money on futilely trying to prevent unpreventable road fatalities.

      (Note that many measures like speed/red light cameras that are ostensibly about preventing traffic incidents clearly don't do that, and the people in charge of putting them in place know they don't; "traffic safety" is a shibboleth used to ram them through in an act of pure cynicism.)

      This is of course similar to the fatalism of the early days of widespread car ownership, that held that in a car crash you were going to die or be horribly maimed for sure, and that no safety measures could possibly prevent that from happening.

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