Six Hundred Siri had rubber skin and ran Festival. We spotted them easy.

The lip-sync is poor, but there do seem to be quite a lot of moving parts under the fright-mask. Watching her mug for the camera at around 1:05 is pretty fun. No duck-face, though. So our selfies are safe, for now.

This sexy beast loses his shit at around 0:14. I do like the transparent brain-pans.

These are the same folks who built that P. K. Dick robot back in 2005, that was stolen and eventually recovered in a Russian software piracy bust in 2010, which is in fact a thing that I did not make up.

"We were just as surprised as anyone to find this thing," said Detective Supernov. "At first I thought the head was real and I was sick to my stomach. Then they told me it was a computer, and so I was going smash it in front of them to prove a point about computer crime. But then they told me how much it was worth."

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7 Responses:

  1. Theodore says:

    Man, detective Supernov. Right out of a sci-fi pulp story.

  2. I feel fantastic, hey hey hey

  3. "Unfortunately, Little Bear erased all the Dick stories in order to make room for stolen movies and video games," said Detective Supernov. "Now the head quotes episodes of "Three's Company."

    But if you take it to Freeside and jack it in to the pedestal in the Villa Straylight, another voice entirely speaks...

  4. Mints, Jr. says:

    "I was going smash it in front of them to prove a point about computer crime"

    ...Was the point that he was a petulant dick who thinks smashing stuff constitutes a compelling argument, or that Russian law enforcement has no respect for either personal property or evidentiary chain of custody?

  5. Mark Craniac says:

    Apparently the original was never found, but another was rebuilt:

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