Online comics shops?

Dear Lazyweb, what is your preferred online comics shop?

By which I mean, "I enter a list of titles I want to read, and they mail me paper comics once a week without me having to do anything." Bonus points if they have a mechanism to mail me GN comps as they are released instead of single issues.

I had been using Heavy Ink for years, and they were good, but apparently they're shutting down next month.

Because this is a Lazyweb post, allow me to clarify:

  • I am not talking about reading comics online, or on a device, or any form of digital delivery. I don't read "real" comics (or books) that way and I'm not interested in starting.

  • I'm sure your local brick-and-mortar shop is awesome. I don't care.

  • The answer is neither Amazon nor eBay.


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John McAfee, Internet Treasure

"Yeah, that technique might work for the DOS version of Leisure Suit Larry. Not for an iPhone."

Now I'll probably lose my admission to the world hackers' community, however, I'm gonna tell you. You need a hardware engineer and a software engineer. The hardware engineer takes the phone apart and it [sic] copies the instruction set, which is the iOS and applications [sic] and your memory, and then you run a piece, a program called a disassembler which takes all the ones and zeroes and gives you readable instructions. Then, the coder sits down and he reads through, and what he's looking for is the first access to the keypad, because that's the first thing you're doing when you input your pad. It'll take half an hour. When you see that, then you reads the instruction for where in memory this secret code is stored. It is that trivial. A half an hour.

Previously, previously.

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Do any of you work at Instagram?

The "dnalounge" Instagram account was created by one of my employees years ago, but none of us can remember who that was, or what email address they used.

I jumped through the hoops here, including sending them a scan of a utility bill and whatnot. The first time they flat-out ignored me. The second time they wrote back, but after three go-rounds with the support drone, they basically told me, "if you don't know the email address, go fuck yourself."

So who can reset this damned account?

Update: Got it restored, thanks! (It only took the assistance of three Instagram insiders, one of whom is a director.)

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Mark your calendars

Upcoming events of note:

Fri, Mar 04:   The Flavr Blue @ Rickshaw Stop
Sat, Mar 05:   Trapeze @ Rickshaw Stop
Sat, Mar 05:   Jessie Evans @ Hemlock
Tue, Mar 08:   Odd Salon @ DNA Lounge
Fri, Mar 11:   Vallis Alps, Crywolf @ Rickshaw Stop
Fri, Mar 18:   Blanck Mass @ Rickshaw Stop
Thu, Mar 24:   Japan Nite @ Rickshaw Stop
Fri, Mar 25:   Methyl Ethel @ Rickshaw Stop
Wed, Mar 30:   The Joy Formidable @ GAMH
Wed, Apr 06:   Aurora @ Independent
Thu, Apr 14:   Peelander-Z @ DNA Lounge
Sat, Apr 16:   Underworld @ Fox
Sun, Apr 17:   Lush @ Warfield
Sun, Apr 17:   M83 @ Fox
Mon, Apr 18:   Chvrches, Wolf Alice @ Fox
Wed, Apr 20:   Grimes @ Fox
Sun, May 01:   Snog @ DNA Lounge

What have you got?

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