Electra Woman and Dyna Girl

Hopefully you are familiar with the unaired pilot for a remake of the Krofft Super Show's Electra Woman and Dyna Girl -- one of the filler shows that was not quite as good as Land of the Lost or Sigmund the Sea Monster. If you haven't watched this, you are in for a rare treat. Stick with it until you get to the alcoholic Electra Woman living in a trailer park. Just let the magic wash over you...

...because that's the point at which you realize that this is Markie Post from Night Court in her breakout dramatic role!

It's basically an unused flashback scene from the Watchmen movie, right?

And you're thinking, wow, they made some shitty tv in 1985 (with a $100 budget.). Nope. That was made in 2001.

So then this happened. Yup, they're taking another swing at this one. They're gonna put a shine on this turd or die trying! We've seen how the Kroffts do "grim and gritty" -- so now we're going to get to see how they do lesbians!

Still, even the 2001 version looks way better than Arrow.

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