A Mozilla Burial

It crossed my mind that the Mozilla billboard on the side of my building might be someone's idea of a joke -- but that would presume that anyone still working for Mozilla remembers who I am, which seems unlikely.

But you'll note that they didn't bother to tear down that billboard before pouring concrete right up to the property line, so perhaps when these condos are demolished decades from now to make way for some new construction the sign will be re-exposed and make someone go, "What the hell is that supposed to mean?"

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Online comics shops?

Dear Lazyweb, what is your preferred online comics shop?

By which I mean, "I enter a list of titles I want to read, and they mail me paper comics once a week without me having to do anything." Bonus points if they have a mechanism to mail me GN comps as they are released instead of single issues.

I had been using Heavy Ink for years, and they were good, but apparently they're shutting down next month.

Because this is a Lazyweb post, allow me to clarify:

  • I am not talking about reading comics online, or on a device, or any form of digital delivery. I don't read "real" comics (or books) that way and I'm not interested in starting.

  • I'm sure your local brick-and-mortar shop is awesome. I don't care.

  • The answer is neither Amazon nor eBay.


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