Vulture cleared of spying, eagles tackle drones

Exhibit A:
Dutch Police Train Eagles to Tackle Drones

They aim to create a fleet of eagles that can take to the skies and prey on drones that infringe air space or hamper official operations such as emergency air ambulance landings. According to Guard from Above, the goal is to draw on the bird's "hunting instincts" to make them hunt down drones.

Exhibit B:
Lebanon returns Israeli vulture cleared of spying

A huge vulture detained in Lebanon on suspicion of spying for Israel has been returned home after UN peacekeepers intervened, Israeli officials said.

The bird flew over the border from an Israeli game reserve and was caught by Lebanese villagers on Tuesday. They became suspicious as the griffon vulture had a tracking device attached to its tail. As well as a GPS transmitter, it had tags on its wings and an engraved metal ring on its leg saying: "Tel Aviv Univ Israel".

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