Lego Fluid

The pixels are literally leaking.

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  1. Phil says:

    Is this really going into xscreensaver?

    • jwz says:

      Eagerly awaiting your patch.

      • nooj says:

        Hmm, I wonder how hard this would be. It's "just" a particle fluid simulator. If you restricted to a certain subset of flows (say, the second one, with varying initial brick sizes and aquarium sizes and colors), the calculations could be optimized to run very quickly. You could do a lot of precomputation.

        • Matt Kenworthy says:

          This animation led me down the Internet rabbit hole, wondering how to code an SPH simulator, and I ended up at this Obfuscated C Contest entry with SPH simulator, and also this tutorial on How to code up an SPH algorithm. That's my monday gone...

          • nooj says:

            This is actually a great start. Round one could be a 2D simulation (as in the pdf you linked). Get that up and running in xscreensaver, and extending it to 3D is trivial and becomes a graphics problem (adding camera rotations), not a fluids problem. (Everyone writes their first simulator like this: they make a 2D version, then go back and change every 2 to 3 and add a third variable.)

            Remember, for world-class fluid simulators, you have to worry about things like stability and accuracy and mass loss and time integration, none of which you give a shit about in a toy. And don't worry about efficiency or speed either. Those problems go away if you restrict yourself to say, less than a million particles. Also, avoid fancy data structures.

            I bet you could have a simple example running by next Monday!

      • Phil says:

        I actually downloaded the xscreensaver source, read the hacking README, and realized it is completely beyond my meager skills. I may see if I can trick the author into submitting a patch.

    • What I'd really like for xscreensaver is a filter that turns any saver into lego.

  2. Lionfire says:

    I think my favourite part is that YouTube felt that what I really needed half way through the viewing was a big popup ad for blenders. Because the video was rendered in Blender.

    Keyword Analysis, 2016: still not quite there.

  3. Lloyd says:

    This is rendered? It isn't tedious stopmotion?

    What a crock. I expect animators to work at their craft.

  4. Jonathan says:

    This reminds me of a severely underrated computer game "Wetrix":

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