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SF Supervisor Demands NFL Reimbursement For Super Bowl 50 Expenses

Supervisor Jane Kim is fighting to get the National Football League, not San Francisco taxpayers, to foot the nearly $5 million bill for the costs associated with upcoming Super Bowl 50 events. [...]

"City departments have been requested by the Mayor's Office to identify $4,375,765 of surplus in their General Fund allocations and/or redirect staff time and other resources from planned projects to support this extraordinary special event," the analysis states.


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3 Responses:

  1. Phil says:

    Protip: You have to negotiate this sort of stuff BEFORE an event.

    • You did see that the linked article was published nearly a month ago, right? (Still a last ditch public attempt by 15 January, but the suggestion seems to be that trying to make the right thing happen internally had failed up to that point.)

  2. Jade Hoffman says:

    I went to law school with her.

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