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Okay. I'm drinking coffee and should be mobile soon
Autocorrect wants me to be mobile doom, so that too
Be the doom you want to see in the world

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5 Responses:

  1. sammie says: ::here lokking for LISP(cons) info, ... clicked the compass "gif" and saw code running down the screen!!!, esc,previous page(arrow), whats going on??? ... ...

    • David A says:

      I can't tell if this is clever spam or someone who was actually terrified by your homepage, Jamie, and I'm not clicking that second link to find out.

      • sammie says:

        Sorry, just trying to that ... when I clicked on the"compass" icon, and code (lookin script)started running down the page. I am not a social-media-websurfer,so ... blogging,twiterring,facebooking ... I don't do. I think I was reffered here doin personal research on LISP ... not the "Locator/ID Separation Protocol". So not being network savy, I used wix to get a site where I could learn and discuss LISP. tada

  2. sammie says:

    the compass is own the "about" page ...

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