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Unfavorable Semicircle:

Until early February, unfavorable semicircle was uploading videos at a rate of just over one every 10 minutes. But since February 5, that rate has skyrocketed, increasing to something like three videos each minute -- meaning that the channel will surpass 200,000 total videos by the end of March. [...]

Encoded in thousands of unfavorable semicircle's videos is The Voice: unmistakably that of a man, usually speaking a single letter or number, or speaking a string of letters and numbers, each with no apparent connection to each other. [...]

The average length of each of the videos is five seconds, and they adhere to a few naming conventions. The names of the first several thousand, for example, begin with a symbol (♐) followed by a seemingly random series of digits. Others have purely random names. The last 28,000 videos have started with "BRILL" and are numbered in ascending fashion.

Many Redditors think the key to decrypting the videos lies in two of them, titled ♐LOCK and ♐DELOCK. The first, ♐LOCK, was posted in July, while ♐DELOCK followed in December. They are of different lengths and feature different soundtracks, though, of the two, ♐DELOCK is probably the most intriguing, appearing first in a series of brief snippets in late December, before the full version was uploaded on December 28. The channel then went silent for a week. One Redditor compared the voice on ♐DELOCK to a "distant, echoed scream."

Sadly, I posted this a day late. Yesterday the account existed, but today "This account has been suspended due to multiple or severe violations of YouTube's policy against spam, gaming, misleading content, or other Terms of Service violations."

"Policy against gaming" is one I haven't heard before.

Update, Apr 2017: They are back, and posting the same madness on a new channel.

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