The Bay Bridge bike path designs are completely insane.

To call me an advocate for bicycling infrastructure would be putting it mildly... but the money it would require to put a bike lane on the Bay Bridge is an idiotic use of public funds that completely dwarfs the Super Bowl and the America's Cup combined by several orders of magnitude. I can't believe they're still spending money -- and so much money -- still even thinking about this.

They've already set fire to ten million dollars just on this study! That's more than half of SFMTA's 2015 budget for bike infrastructure ($17.8M) for this powerpoint of science fiction nonsense. That's real bike lanes you are not riding on right now.

How about something more practical, like a six mile bicycle zip-line, or the Alameda-Weehawken burrito tunnel.

I mean come on:

Another big question is how to get the path across Yerba Buena Island. The options include a bike and walking path that would be suspended from the ceiling of the Yerba Buena Tunnel, providing a direct connection to the west span. Less costly options include building paths above or below Hillcrest Road, which winds around steep terrain on the south side of the island.

In San Francisco, the project would also feature "dual high-capacity and high-speed elevators" on the Embarcadero to quickly move people on and off the path. One option being considered would be to have the elevators open first, in lieu of a ramp touchdown, which could be built later. [...]

Part of the current design effort is to find a design that can be built for under $300 million -- far less than early estimates for the project. Bay Area Toll Authority officials said they are considering raising bridge tolls to cover the cost as part of a regional measure that would also fund a number of other transportation projects. [...]

"We hoped we would come to this day where the political will is lined up," said Rivera. "This project feels like it has so much momentum. It feels like there's no going back."

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Anti Anti-Homeless Spikes

"Nothing says 'keep out' to a person more than rows of sharpened buttplugs laid out to stop people from enjoying or using public space."

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This is completely tragic.

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