Murderous necrophiliac kangaroo briefly wins nation's heart

As they do...

The photograph ran in Australian media along with commentary from photographer Evan Switzer to the effect that the larger of the three beasts was lovingly cradling the body of his fallen mate, or perhaps even lifting her head so she could see her child (at left) one last time.

But the Australian Museum quickly weighed in with another interpretation of the image, with principal research scientist Dr Mark Eldridge saying the picture shows the standing male is in a state of sexual excitement and is "trying to get a female to stand up so he can mate with her."

Other commentators say that the male may well have been trying to mate with the female for some time and, along the way, caused the injuries that killed the animal.

Australians were therefore asked to go from "gosh, Kangaroos can be surprisingly tender" to "Male Kangaroos are violent sexual predators" within a day.

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6 Responses:

  1. I can't wait for all the misogynistic #notallkangaroos posts

  2. Science says:

    "Kangaroos are violent sexual predators"
    ...Like all Australians.

  3. Angie Avdeef says:

    Observing animal behavior at the zoo has changed my view on a lot of animals.

  4. Ahaha, yep. Anyone who has hung around Kangaroos (My parents have a house that backs onto a state forest full of the two footed sadists) for any length of time knows the males get a bit "stroppy" and certainly aren't caring or nurturing in any of the interactions I've seen. Less "I am here to protect my lovely family" and more "OI! that's MY root! You look at her again and I'll DO YER!" (And with their fighting style optimised for fighting things with an exposed abdominal area, eg: each other, they're particularly good at damaging humans)

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