jwz mixtape 162

Please enjoy jwz mixtape 162.

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  1. Matt Kenworthy says:

    You're probably tired of hearing this, but thank you for making these mixtapes. I always come and listen and typically pick up a new band.

    • jwz says:

      Thanks! People rarely comment on these, so I never really know whether anyone's watching.

      • Tim says:

        Doesn't YouTube give you statistics? Though maybe they won't tell you if the watchers came from another video rather than this site.

        Anyway: thankyou from me too. Tape 160 was particularly good.

        • jwz says:

          I dunno, I never look at stats.

          Even if their stats are reported well (and I'll bet you can only get reports on videos that you personally uploaded), "five zillion eyeball-hours with a median viewing time of 3 minutes" doesn't tell you shit. You can't tell "interested" from "background noise" from "four zillion people clicked this by mistake".

      • bobbybobbob says:

        I've been to loads of shows and bought a bunch of albums over the years on account of your mix tapes.

        I never watch the videos and get the sense some of the tracks must be making the cut for visuals. I miss the inclusion of some older stuff like you used to do.

      • Yes, we are. I also listen to these and appreciate them. You always bring one or two really interesting listens.

  2. Corion says:

    Let me chime in with another Thank You!

    Even though at least a third of the videos is blocked in Germany, you always provide an interesting collection in the mixtapes!

  3. cryptomail says:

    do not stop doing this.

  4. Ben Evans says:

    I really enjoy them and they've introduced me to some great artists. They are one of the main reasons I try to come to DNA & spend money whenever I'm in SF - my way of saying "Thank You".