Do Not Unplug The Department of Homeland Security

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  1. phuzz says:

    It doesn't say you're not allowed to take the sign and, I dunno, attach it to a message about cctv cameras...

  2. I think you have your new lobby camera signs

  3. I'm gonna plug all the 110 Homeland Security plugs into 220 sockets.

  4. Rena says:

    How do we know that's really from the DHS, and isn't just, say, a bomb?

  5. Asm says:

    You'd be hard-pressed to find a way to make me less likely to unplug something. That's even more tempting than a big red button.

  6. b says:

    This is a solid story on what is actually going down. "They're not new, and they've been extensively covered in the media, mainly because Homeland Security seems to like creating a mystery, and doesn't label the device, relishing in the covertness of the thing." Covert AND three(!!!) exclamation points.

    • jwz says:

      Exercise vague caution, everybody.

      • Thomas Lord says:

        By the by... Please review journalist-maven-somechickwhatever @marymad on the twitter to see how sb50 has turned into the installation of very fancy high-res, pan and zoom, extra fancy, facial recognition cameras in the City. Officially they are for traffic control which explains why they are internet accessible and actively monitored by at least the SFPD and the FBI.

        Oh, it's double-plus good. They also have microphones and speakers.

    • Bill Paul says:

      I hope they enjoy analyzing all the samples of urine, feces and pot smoke they end up collecting with this thing.

      • James says:

        These boxes are only looking for DNA sequences in aerosols, e.g. anthrax spores. They probably look for things most people don't know are weaponizable yet, so we won't get details, but just leaving them out on the street like that is insane. There are so many ways to hide and secure them. The idea that they don't even have weatherized fixed power conduits is mind boggling.

  7. vishnu says:

    The mission statement of the DHS: When in danger or in doubt, run in circles scream and shout.

  8. Jackson Bloomston says:

    Anyone who has visited NYC in the last 15 years has probably seen their fair share of these. That said, I do want some of those tags/labels/signs for future projects.

  9. Taffy says:

    Did anyone call the number?

  10. Kaleberg says:

    Press here to destroy evil galactic empire.

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