DNA Lounge: Wherein the sidewalk is so shiny and clean.

Here's the thing about our sidewalk. We have a rave tonight, and at these events there is always a gaggle of kids sitting around outside in lingerie they stole from mom, bare asses right on the concrete. It grosses me the hell out -- I want to yell at them, "Don't you know where that sidewalk has been?? Do you want hepatitis? Because this is how you get hepatitis."

Welcome to Fragrant SOMA: our sidewalks are a god damned biohazard. They are a war zone, people.

But tonight! Brand new sidewalk! Nobody has vomited on it yet at all! None of our local crackheads have gifted us with a flowing stream of their prodigious heroin-shits.

I thought about puking on it myself, just to break it in, but I'll leave that to someone else.

Everybody asks, "Did you carve your initials in it?" Pfffff.

When we tag, we tag hard.




Xaviera López

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Leia Organa: A Critical Obituary

Leia Organa: A Critical Obituary

Leia Organa, the politician and revolutionary who led the defeat of the Galactic Empire, died after a short illness. She was 60 years old. Hers was a life laced with controversy concerning everything from her tactics to her very ancestry, but her intelligence, commitment to the Republican cause, and place at the heart of the Rebellion, and later the Resistance against Neo-Imperialism, remains the indisputable core of her legacy. [...]

The Organa Doctrine identified the path to victory, but the woman herself remained on the front line, rarely pausing for conferences with Alliance intelligence droids. This may have contributed to the ambiguous reception she received in the post-Imperial era, as she didn't emerge with the political influence accorded leaders like Mon Mothma. While they directed large scale operations (often per Organa's theories and recommendations) she led covert operations on numerous worlds. She worked under deep cover as the bounty hunter Boussh, and during Galactic Concordance negotiations at the end of the war, admitted that during this period, she personally assassinated Hutt leader Jabba Desilijic Tiure. [...]

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An important update from the International Earth Rotation Service

Bulletin C 52:
To: authorities responsible for the measurement and distribution of time

A positive leap second will be introduced at the end of December 2016. The sequence of dates of the UTC second markers will be:

2016 December 31, 23h 59m 59s
2016 December 31, 23h 59m 60s
2017 January  1,  0h  0m  0s

The difference between UTC and the International Atomic Time TAI is:

from 2015 July 1, 0h UTC, to 2017 January 1 0h UTC: UTC-TAI = - 36s
from 2017 January 1, 0h UTC, until further notice : UTC-TAI = - 37s

This means that tomorrow, 3:59:59 PM PST will be followed by 3:59:60 PM PST prior to the advent of 4:00:00 PM PST.

The leap second's stay of execution has been extended until at least 2023. Whew!

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Henry Rollins

"And then RuPaul says, 'Henry, I worry about you, you need to have some fun.' NO NEVER, FUN WILL DESTROY ME!"

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You and me both, DNA Pizza TV. You and me both.


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jwz mixtape 176

Please enjoy jwz mixtape 176.

Bonus Plug:

As you have probably heard, my nightclub, DNA Lounge, is in fairly dire financial trouble, which you can read about on the DNA Lounge backstage blog. As one way of helping us get through these dark times, I've just launched a DNA Lounge Patreon so that our loyal supporters can kick in a little each month.

Bring a friend and share a miracle.

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DNA Lounge: Wherein we now have a Patreon to take monthly donations!

Many of you have asked for the option to contribute on a monthly basis, so here it is:

DNA Lounge on Patreon

Some time very soon we're going to have monthly subscription levels that come with rewards, like tickets to events and whatnot, but we haven't yet worked out what those rewards will be -- and to make that work I still have to write some code. But rather than waiting for that to be done, I decided to add the option of monthly subscriptions right now, and will add the options with rewards later.

Once we add new rewards levels, you can switch to the one that sounds best, but if you want to help us out right now, this option is here! I set the minimum to $5, but by all means feel free to contribute a larger amount. I mean, if $5/month is all that DNA Lounge is worth to you, who am I to argue! We'll take it. That's fine. This is fine.

Bonus Content!

Please enjoy jwz mixtape 176. For those of you who are new here, this is something I do about once a month: a 90 minute mixtape, a cassette-sized chunk of recent music videos that I have discovered and enjoy. If you've ever been to DNA Pizza and looked on in fascination and/or horror at the music videos that we play there 24/7, these mixtapes are where you get to see the new arrivals.


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