Less than 24 hours! That's how long it took before someone threw away all of my ornaments!

I hate to go Full Godwin, but striping a tree of its ornaments on Christmas Day is absolutely the Grinchiest thing I have ever heard of.


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  1. jwz says:

    This town needs an enema.

  2. Jon says:

    One wonders what would have happened if you'd used a label-maker to apply labels to the ornaments.

  3. It's a shadow war on Xmas.

  4. Demand a copy of the surveillance tape to see who stole your property. Isn't that why you have cameras?

  5. It's the principle of the thing... i

  6. I think Malachi Kenney is right after all you own a small portion of those surveillance tapes... Find out who took your holiday decorations

  7. I'm appalled at their lack of holiday spirit.

  8. NikBorton says:

    Do it again, but with UV pens, and some kind of hacked in blacklight!

    What's the worst that can happen?

    (Yours balls were amazing, I could barely take my eyes off them)

  9. I find your buildings lack of a sense of humor disturbing.

  10. Jim Sweeney says:

    More proof of the War on Christmas!

  11. Sheila Marie says:


  12. jwz says:

    I taped this to the wall next to the tree on my way out this evening:

    I get the feeling that some tenants in my building wish the lobby had the option to disable public comments.

  13. alex4pt says:

    +1 UV lamps and blacklight pen

  14. Some random fellow says:

    Next time: a light coating of non-drying anti-climb paint.

  15. robert_ says:

    I assume suspect #1 is the same person who kept removing your additions to the sign.

  16. Lloyd says:

    isn't saying 'dude' a bro thing?

    Are you, like, a brogrammer?

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