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List of people known as the Hairy

The Hairy is an epithet applied to:

  • John the Hairy, a 16th-century holy fool (yurodivy) of the Russian Orthodox Church
  • Wilfred the Hairy (died 897), Count of Urgell, Cerdanya, Barcelona, Girona, Besalú, and Ausona

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The list of people known as the Bald is somewhat more complete, at twelve entries, only one of which is fictional. But how is it that neither one has an "In popular culture" or "In anime" section? Please get on that.

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Couch gag

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Arkham Model Railroad, 1907

I think the squid market is my favorite part. The whole thing is pretty amazing, though.

There's still a squid auction at the Obed Marsh warehouse every Thursday, and occasionally one can still see a big squid like in the old days, like this prize 27-foot Architeuthis just hauled up from Innsmouth. After the auction, it will be cut up and rendered in the trypots for squid oil.

Behind the Starry Wisdom Church, in the shadow of the Peabody Avenue Bridge, is another Arkham landmark -- the Old Squid Market. Arkham's once-thriving squid fishery at the mouth of the Miskatonic has declined, but there are still some squid fishers over in Innsmouth. Nowadays, the narrow alley is mostly a fish market for the local housewives, though fresh squid, pickled squid, barrels of squid oil, and casks of ink can still be readily found. [...]

Across Garrison, the Bensalem Building hosts a variety of enterprises. The mesmerists, Drs. Nikola and Mabuse, have set up shop selling questionable cures and "rubber goods." One of the shady mesmerists can be seen with a female patient in the bay window, doubtlessly trying to convince the young woman how theraputic it would be to reveal the combination to her husband's wall safe. [...]

Up on the roof, Professor Pickering has his private observatory. Prof. Pickering is famous for having confirmed the sighting of those flashes on Mars a few years back. These days, he's searching for a ninth, trans-Neptunian, planet -- which he calls Yuggoth, for some reason -- which he's sure is there.

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Today in legal news:

Cop who wanted to photograph teen's erection in sexting case commits suicide

Detective David Edward Abbott, a member of the Northern Virginia-Washington DC Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force, last year had obtained a warrant to inject a young boy with a drug that would cause an erection. Abbott wanted to photograph that erection and compare it with photos found on a 15-year-old girl's phone. Amid a public outcry, the Manassas City police eventually decided against doing that. The 17-year-old boy got a year of probation for sexting his teen girlfriend. [...]

The authorities went to arrest Abbott, 39, on Tuesday. [...] Abbott had an inappropriate relationship with a boy, now 13, police alleged. He was accused of soliciting sexual acts on the phone, via text messages and social media. Abbott was also accused of having an "inappropriate relationship with a second male victim" affiliated with the Prince William County hockey league.

The Manassas City Police Department, Abbott's employer, lauded the officer, saying in a statement:

This is a tragic and sad day for the Abbott family, the juvenile victims and their families, the Manassas City Police Department, and our community. In spite of these recent developments regarding the serious allegations against him, we are grateful for the contributions Det. Abbott made during his time with Manassas City Police, to include the prosecution and conviction of hundreds of criminals. His family and peers request privacy during this time as we grieve and struggle to accept the realities of such a loss.

Saudi millionaire acquitted of raping teen in London, says he tripped and accidentally penetrated her:

Ehsan Abdulaziz, a married, 46 year old, rich Saudi property developer, says he invited an 18 year old woman to sleep on his couch, and later tripped and fell on her as she lay asleep, accidentally penetrating her vagina with his penis.

The jury in the Southwark Crown Court believed him.

LAPD investigated 1356 complaints of racial profiling, decided they were all without merit:

The LAPD received 1,356 complaints of "biased policing" (AKA racial profiling) from 2012-2014, but after investigating them, the investigating officials decided that their co-workers had done nothing wrong -- ever.
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Uncanny Valley

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What the duck? This the duck.

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Untangling the Tale of Ada Lovelace

Noted mad scientist Stephen Wolfram (the Mathematica guy) applies his inimitable levels of obsession-to-detail to writing a biography of Ada Lovelace. It's really good:

Untangling the Tale of Ada Lovelace

Ada Lovelace was born 200 years ago today. To some she is a great hero in the history of computing; to others an overestimated minor figure. I've been curious for a long time what the real story is. And in preparation for her bicentennial, I decided to try to solve what for me has always been the "mystery of Ada".

It was much harder than I expected. Historians disagree. The personalities in the story are hard to read. The technology is difficult to understand. The whole story is entwined with the customs of 19th-century British high society. And there's a surprising amount of misinformation and misinterpretation out there.

But after quite a bit of research -- including going to see many original documents -- I feel like I've finally gotten to know Ada Lovelace, and gotten a grasp on her story. In some ways it's an ennobling and inspiring story; in some ways it's frustrating and tragic.

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Internet Archive Telethon

Internet Archive Telethon

The Internet Archive, the home of the Wayback Machine and millions of movies, books, software and music items, is spicing up its fundraising season with an actual Telethon, hosted and run by Internet Archive employees, and in front of a live audience!

For 24 hours, from Noon on Saturday, December 19th, and going straight through without breaks until Noon on December 20th, we will be featuring a variety of performances, interviews, games and straight-up silliness from our 300 Funston Avenue location in San Francisco. The Internet Archive headquarters is inside a renovated church building that now hosts tens of petabytes of data (and millions of online visitors), with a large Great Room that includes a stage and seating for hundreds.

Would you like to perform at the telethon? If so, let me or Jason know.

The Internet Archive is awesome and important and you should give them your money!

I offered to help them find some acts, and I got them in touch with a few folks, but of the more-than-a-dozen local bands that I and my booker have reached out to over the last couple of weeks, exactly one has even written back (and that was a no.)

I guess I shouldn't be too surprised, since it seems like the only bands we're capable of booking at DNA lately are either black metal, or 90s Sunset-Strip-hard-rock acts on a reunion tour. And I didn't ask any of those. Sigh.

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Theremin's Bug

How the Soviet Union Spied on the US Embassy for 7 Years

The Soviets would sit outside the embassy, either in another building or in a van. From this remote location they would aim a radio transmitter at the great seal. The bug inside would receive this signal and transmit voices in the room on a second, higher frequency. It did all of this with no standard internal components. No resistors, no tubes, no traditional capacitors, or the like. There were capacitive properties to the mechanism. For instance, a capacitor is formed between the diaphragm and the tuning peg of the device.

Receive tuning (if it can be called such) was achieved by the precisely cut antenna. The RF carrier transmitted by the Russians would be received at the antenna and travel into the body of the device which was a resonant cavity. That resonant chamber was capacatively coupled to the thin conductive diaphragm which formed the microphone.

Sound waves would cause the diaphragm to move, which would vary the capacitance between the body and diaphragm, forming a condenser microphone. It is important to note that the bug didn't transmit and receive on the same frequency. According to Peter Wright, the excitation frequency used by the Russians was actually 800 MHz. The cavity would resonate at a multiple of this base frequency, producing the 1.6 GHz output seen by Bezjian.

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Multi-axis CNC dental milling machine

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