Manslaughter charges dropped in BP spill case

Nobody from BP will go to prison

Rig supervisor Donald Vidrine instead pleaded guilty to violating the Clean Water Act, a misdemeanor that likely will result in 10 months of probation and 100 hours of community service. Robert Kaluza, the other supervisor who also was being charged with 11 manslaughter counts, is going to fight a single misdemeanor charge that he also violated the Clean Water Act. [...]

David Rainey, a former BP executive, was acquitted this summer of manipulating calculations over how much oil was being released during the 3-month-long spill, and a federal judge dismissed charges that he hindered a congressional investigation.

Kurt Mix, a former BP engineer, won a new trial in July after he was convicted of obstruction charges in connection to allegations that he deleted text messages detailing how much oil was spilling into the Gulf of Mexico. He was sentenced to six months probation after pleaded guilty last month to a lesser charge.

And a former manager of Halliburton, which sold concrete to BP, got a year of probation after pleading guilty to a charge of destroying evidence.

All of these people were way too far down the food chain to matter anyway, but it's kind of amazing that they can't even bring themselves to jail a scapegoat or two. The fact that the BP "Corporate Person" has not been executed for this is a crime against literal Humanity.

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7 Responses:

  1. Ayn Rand says:

    Yeah, but in fairness they're just killing people and destroying the few natural resources we have left on the planet.

    It's not like they're doing anything truly evil, like failing to turn a profit.

  2. Rainbird says:

    It has been a banner day for guilty execs getting off. Don Blankenship, CEO of Massey Energy was found guilty of a misdemeanor after conspiring to violate safety standards that got 29 miners killed. He could spend up to a year in prison, though it is unlikely he will spend any time there at all. Basically his conviction is a joke.

  3. Anonytrace says:

    Reconcile this with all the 15+ year sentences for people possessing pot in NY back under the Rockefeller Drug Laws. The system of US Justice is anything but just.

  4. Anonytrace says:

    Gotta give credit to one of the old demons, IBM is working with solar powered desalination in Chile -

  5. thielges says:

    Previously - mislead Congress into thinking Iraq poses an eminent threat prompting a trillion $ war leaving hundreds of thousands dead including thousands of US soldiers. Middle East descends into chaos killing thousands more and dislocating millions. Penalty: ?

    • The penalty is that those responsible get cozy, life-long sinecures as well as the satisfaction of seeing those whose careers they destroyed — for telling the truth! — remain in obscurity. Did I miss anything?

  6. Shoot them. Guns are legal.

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