Internet Archive Telethon

Internet Archive Telethon

The Internet Archive, the home of the Wayback Machine and millions of movies, books, software and music items, is spicing up its fundraising season with an actual Telethon, hosted and run by Internet Archive employees, and in front of a live audience!

For 24 hours, from Noon on Saturday, December 19th, and going straight through without breaks until Noon on December 20th, we will be featuring a variety of performances, interviews, games and straight-up silliness from our 300 Funston Avenue location in San Francisco. The Internet Archive headquarters is inside a renovated church building that now hosts tens of petabytes of data (and millions of online visitors), with a large Great Room that includes a stage and seating for hundreds.

Would you like to perform at the telethon? If so, let me or Jason know.

The Internet Archive is awesome and important and you should give them your money!

I offered to help them find some acts, and I got them in touch with a few folks, but of the more-than-a-dozen local bands that I and my booker have reached out to over the last couple of weeks, exactly one has even written back (and that was a no.)

I guess I shouldn't be too surprised, since it seems like the only bands we're capable of booking at DNA lately are either black metal, or 90s Sunset-Strip-hard-rock acts on a reunion tour. And I didn't ask any of those. Sigh.

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  1. jdelic says:

    I have no contacts whatsoever... but any chance of reaching out to Wheaton, Paul&Storm, MC Frontalot... you know, "internet people"?

  2. DC says:

    ill gates!

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