Arkham Model Railroad, 1907

I think the squid market is my favorite part. The whole thing is pretty amazing, though.

There's still a squid auction at the Obed Marsh warehouse every Thursday, and occasionally one can still see a big squid like in the old days, like this prize 27-foot Architeuthis just hauled up from Innsmouth. After the auction, it will be cut up and rendered in the trypots for squid oil.

Behind the Starry Wisdom Church, in the shadow of the Peabody Avenue Bridge, is another Arkham landmark -- the Old Squid Market. Arkham's once-thriving squid fishery at the mouth of the Miskatonic has declined, but there are still some squid fishers over in Innsmouth. Nowadays, the narrow alley is mostly a fish market for the local housewives, though fresh squid, pickled squid, barrels of squid oil, and casks of ink can still be readily found. [...]

Across Garrison, the Bensalem Building hosts a variety of enterprises. The mesmerists, Drs. Nikola and Mabuse, have set up shop selling questionable cures and "rubber goods." One of the shady mesmerists can be seen with a female patient in the bay window, doubtlessly trying to convince the young woman how theraputic it would be to reveal the combination to her husband's wall safe. [...]

Up on the roof, Professor Pickering has his private observatory. Prof. Pickering is famous for having confirmed the sighting of those flashes on Mars a few years back. These days, he's searching for a ninth, trans-Neptunian, planet -- which he calls Yuggoth, for some reason -- which he's sure is there.

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