Screensavers on a plane

Porta Estel·lar (skip ahead to 1:48)

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  1. David Ashby says:

    I didn't really dig it until the two "ropes" at 4:00 messed with my spatial perception a bit. Wish had been more of that and less "oooh, strobes".

    • ssl-3 says:

      Agreed, the intentional big strobe effects were a bit overdone (though the pixel-ish strobes were OK), and the "ropes" were an amazing transition.

      However, during some of the first segments (after 1:48), there were some bands on the ribs of the fuselage heading toward the camera. These would have been far more fluid with some early "motion compensation" techniques, such as done in the relative infancy of PC-based digital video with things like intel's Indeo codec more than 20 years ago.

      As it was, though, a lot of it felt very jarring. I've seen fancy LED-lit hula hoops with better fluidity.

  2. Cat Mara says:

    So, someone's made the "Beyond the Infinite" sequence in "2001: A Space Odyssey" into a theme park ride? I can dig it.

  3. Jon says:

    The sensory deprivation tank industry has a promising new entrant this year.

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