XScreenSaver 5.34

XScreenSaver 5.34 out now.

To my shame, someone discovered a way to crash out of the xscreensaver lock dialog.

The proximate cause was that an internal consistency check failed because I meant to be checking "am I running on the signal stack?" but I was checking "is the SIGCHLD signal currently inhibited?" instead. And that condition was triggered by hot-swapping monitors while the display was locked.

But wait, why does your code that prompts for passwords need to have signal handlers and manually and explicitly respond to hardware reconfiguration? Because fuck you that's why.

Blah blah X11, complexity, privilege separation, doomed, get a Mac.


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8 Responses:

  1. Ben says:

    Shit, jwz is fallible? I'm going to have to find a new church.

    • Thomas Foile says:

      Seriously. I have a huge reliquary full of parens that I've kept in my Blessed `lemacs` Alcove that I'm going to have to just throw away now. ...Useless.

  2. robert_ says:

    Does it make you feel any better if this could be called, as the kids say nowadays, an 'edge case'?

  3. hellpé says:

    Hey jwz, did you get my email with my suggestions for updating the GNOME section of the xscreensaver FAQ? I hope it wasn't too badly written!

    • jwz says:

      I did, but while trying to make sense of it all, I got confused and just said "fuck it" again. Sorry...

  4. Matt says:

    Are you still accepting hacks for xscreensaver? I had a couple in mind that I wanted to work on and send in, but I wasn't sure if that was still a thing or I'm just stuck in the 2000's.

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