VEC9 is the first vector arcade game to be released in 30 years, the only true 3d vector arcade game to be released besides Star Wars -- and the only one to let you smash capitalist aggression for the glory or Mother Russia.

The monitor originally started with a Craigslist whim -- and ended with a custom designed, FPGA based vector video card, a gunner's control from an M1 Tank, a separate monochrome HUD, an air raid siren, and a fully functional ruble acceptor. It uses a salvaged Asteroids monitor. It trades color and speed for essentially infinite resolution and (monochrome) brightness.

Nuclear-powered laser-armed bombers are stationed in orbit, their pilots cryogenically frozen to mask their heat signature. The iron curtain falls. Thirty years later, the last forgotten Soviet radio beacons sputter to a halt. Unable to re-establish contact with the non-existent Soviet Command, Station VEC9 has no choice but to assume that the USSR has been destroyed by capitalist deceit and nuclear fire.

VEC9's mission: to avenge Mother Russia, to punish imperialist aggression, and to destroy tyranny and the American way of life for the safety of the Communist world.

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4 Responses:

  1. Battlezone doesn't count as "true" 3D?

    • I think they're talking about a hardware vector display, as opposed to vector graphics displayed on a raster display (which I believe is how Battlezone was implemented).

      • Nope. Battlezone used a real vector display. Maybe their "complaint" is that the tank only navigated in two dimensions?

        • MattyJ says:

          It was a true vector display, but not a true 3D game. It was programmed in 2D (pseudo-3D.) Kinda like q-bert or Marble Madness.

          vector != 3D, it just means 'not raster'.

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