iOS ssh?

Dear Lazyweb, what's the best ssh client for iOS these days? I had been using iSSH but now it crashes on connect, and hasn't been updated in ages.

Ability to use cert auth instead of password auth is required.

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  1. David Ashby says:

    I don't have occasion to use it much, but Prompt has always been solid. Supports side-loading certs from your mac via iTunes.

    • Reed Kennedy says:

      Seconding Prompt 2. (The current version.)

      Does the thing. Does it well.

      • mike b says:

        thirding prompt 2 recommendation.

        • Rev Matt says:

          Fourthing Prompt 2.

          • Rev Matt says:

            Hit the button too fast. I am on call often and have to shell into any one of several dozen servers to bounce a service or check a log file for something at dumb hours. I use prompt and it makes life much less painful for this. Also for remotely forcing my daughters computer to shutdown at 2am when I realize she got up to play on it and I don't want to get out of bed.

          • Aaron says:

            Fifthing Prompt 2. It has literally never pissed me off. I can't think of another iOS app for which that's true.

    • Unfortunately Prompt seems to have very lax security. I have never tried it myself, but according to sources I trust Prompt doesn’t verify the server’s key before opening a new connection.

  2. John Adams says:

    Can't post on your blog, either FB auth is fucking up or otherwise.

    Try serverauditor.

    • Ben says:


      There's also Cathode, which is probably the best-looking terminal out there :

      (and you can turn the effects off to get an actually-usable terminal)

    • Gabriel Rosenkoetter says:

      I also use ServerAuditor and like the UI, but I'm a little uncomfortable with its caching credentials without any way to say "no, don't do that" or "don't start without TouchID" or something (unless it's been added in an update and I missed it).

      • Gabriel Rosenkoetter says:

        (To be clear: ServerAuditor does use PKI authentication, and it even asks for a passphrase for a private key and key creation time... but then it never asks for the passphrase to unlock that key.)

  3. I only need SSH on iOS for emergencies so I didn’t want to spend money, and after trying a couple free apps I ended up with WebSSH. It’s really grotty UI-wise, but its terminal emulator seems more solid than any of the others, and its keyboard extras are better chosen (common stuff available without flipping modes). It can do SSH private keys even though the UI for that is seriously grotty. But it gets the job done.

    Serverauditor is so much nicer I wish I could use it, but ultimately the terminal and keyboard part (y’know, the actual point of the app) didn’t do it for me.

    If I were to spend money it’d be on Prompt, without a second thought.

  4. Emily says:

    I use RemoterVNC... It lets me have all my SSH, VNC and RDC profiles on one screen, ready to open, and supports cert auth.

  5. robert_ says:

    I use vSSH and have been quite happy with it.

  6. Jeremy Wilson says:

    I use Serverauditor which works okay for me. I also used iSSH and switched recently, but I'm not a heavy SSH user on my phone, I only use it for emergency logins.

  7. Ole Eichhorn says:

    +1 for Prompt, use it all the time

  8. Edouard says:

    Cathode. I know, right?

  9. Daniel Rich says:

    Another +1 for serverauditor. I switched from iSSH a few months ago and haven't had issues with it. The big win for me is that it can sync configs between devices so I have the same app config between my phone and tablet. It also comes with scriptlets to push you app key onto hosts.