Google Places is still incomprehensible

Dear Lazyweb, I want to do two things:

  • Make Codeword show up on Google Maps at 917 Folsom St.;
  • Make a second location of DNA Pizza show up on Google Maps at the same address (or "917b" if that's how it has to be, which I guess it is) without making the existing 371 Eleventh Street location go away.

So I went to Google Places, which they seemed to have given a horrible new name of "Google My Business", and it's telling me that my existing "DNA Pizza" entry in there is "Disabled, Contact support", possibly because it is not up to the "rigorous quality requirements" of Google Plus. Yeah they actually said that. I think that every time I log in to this business dashboard -- which is about once a year -- they have disabled the DNA Pizza entry and I have never figured out why. Also they're telling me it's "unverified" again, but I definitely had them mail me that fucking verification postcard three fucking times, and succeeded in getting DNA Pizza verified at least once, but now it's back to being unverified again. Hooray.

Anyway, since the last time I looked at this shitshow, they seem to have changed the terminology around, and now -- I think? Maybe? -- it is presenting things as if "DNA Lounge" and "DNA Pizza" are two locations for the same business, which is arguably not really the case -- and I worry that things will get completely screwed up when I add a third business, Codeword, plus a second location for business number two, DNA Pizza. Codeword is not "a second location of DNA Lounge" and I don't want them to present it that way.

Am I supposed to have a separate Google My Business login for each business, even though I'm the owner of all of them? I thought Google wanted you to have one login for everything? I'm pretty sure I read somewhere that people with multiple identities were bad people who have something to hide.

Anyway, how does this crap work?

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  1. Jani says:

    Googler here who used to work on this stuff.

    Bad news first: since Codeword and DNA Pizza the 2nd aren't open yet, they're likely to fail verification if you attempt to add them now. (Although somebody has helpfully already added Codeword as a synonym for the marked-as-closed Qi Lounge, so you already get the right place if you search for it.)

    Once they are open or sufficiently close to being open, you have two ways of doing this:

    1) The easier way: go to, sign up, click on "Add Place" and add your places separately. You'll get a mail when they're accepted (or not), but that's it, you get no further control over the listing. And yes, they can co-exist at the same location, but you'll want to note this in the comments to the moderators and place the pins slightly apart.

    2) The harder but more official way: register two new businesses at You can use the same Google login for all of them. You can also create your places with method 1, then claim them later if you want to with the "Claim this business" link on Google Maps.

    Also, I can confirm that DNA Pizza and DNA Lounge are considered two separate things as far as Google Maps is concerned, and they'll definitely not get squished together if you use either method above. Can't help you with the verification stuff other than to suggest you try again (sorry...)

    Any issues, feel free to drop me a line at I've also sent this to the relevant product team.

    • Jani says:

      ...and mandatory disclaimer for my benevolent corporate overlords: not representing Google here, my view only, not even my department anymore, etc.

    • jwz says:

      since Codeword and DNA Pizza the 2nd aren't open yet, they're likely to fail verification if you attempt to add them now

      Even though I have control of the phone number, and keys? How can they tell the difference?

      • Jay says:

        I suspect that if it is not open yet, when someone with the mobile google maps app is nearby and gets prompted by google "hey, is this business actually open?" or some such, you get dumped back into unverified status

      • Jani says:

        The two ways use different verification systems. I suspect you'd actually have more luck adding an as-yet-unopened place if you go for the business verification option via postcard/phone call.

  2. Nate says:

    DNA Pizza must be doing fairly well. I was in SF a few years ago for a conference, and I made it a point to make my way there and have a few slices. They were delicious. I bought a mug, and schlepped it on a boat tour underneath the Golden Gate bridge and back to my hotel. Thank you for making me believe sane people still exist on this planet.

    • ACN says:

      I had a similar adventure last time I was in San Francisco for a conference. I'm going back this year and I'll try to make it out to dna pizza again :)