Ángela Burón:

Though she's not credited, it seems impossible that this video is not also her work:

See also JK Potter, who was doing this sort of thing before Photoshop, in the darkroom, masking and dodging chemical exposures by hand:

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iOS ssh?

Dear Lazyweb, what's the best ssh client for iOS these days? I had been using iSSH but now it crashes on connect, and hasn't been updated in ages.

Ability to use cert auth instead of password auth is required.

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Today in "The War on My Sinuses" news

Thanks to the meth wars, cold medicine's effective ingredient isn't

When the Combat Methamphetamine Epidemic Act of 2005 passed, pharmacies moved all cold-medicine with the actually-works ingredient pseudoephedrine, only available on request and with a copy of your ID. In its place, the pharmacy shelves were restocked with phenylephrine, which was alleged to work just as well. It doesn't work at all.

Researchers have long been suspicious of the efficacy of phenylephrine, but studies were mixed. Now, thanks to a University of Florida study published in The Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology: In Practice, we know that phenylephrine is useless at the doses allowed over the counter; and may not work even at higher doses.

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Pro-Airbnb political TV ads air at rate of 100:1

Follow the money:

For every one minute of political ads aired in favor of a contentious ballot initiative intended to further regulate Airbnb's growing presence in the city where it is headquartered, more than 100 minutes of ads urging them to vote "no," have aired on local San Francisco area TV stations [...]

The Internet Archive found just one TV ad favoring the initiative, also appeared on the Proposition F campaign website. The Archive discovered 32 instances of this ad airing on local TV stations, for a total of 16 minutes of airplay. [...] In contrast, in our sample range, Airbnb supporters aired more than 26 hours of ads against the initiative. [...]

Over all, according to reports filed with the San Francisco Ethics Commission, opponents of Proposition F have reported spending $6.5 million compared to $256,000 from organizations supporting the initiative. [...]

As Nate Ballard, a Democratic strategist recently said on a local newscast: "That's how you win campaigns in California, on TV."

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