Ron Conway Instructed The CEOs Of Every Company He Funds To Tell Their Employees How To Vote

Keeping it klassy.

Ron Conway, Mayor Ed Lee's own personal angel investor, knows how he'll be voting in this upcoming local election. [...]

No, before you ask, none of this is the least bit illegal. Though the practice of an employer telling their employees how to vote was illegal and basically unthinkable until 2010, as "federal law barred companies from using corporate money to endorse and campaign for political candidates" including "urging employees to support specific politicians," that all went out the window with the Supreme Court's Citizens United decision.


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Airbnb Is Now Selling 'Handcrafted' Tours Of The Mission


The sales pitch sent out by Airbnb promises anyone who feels compelled to shell out $500 to $750 the opportunity to engage in one of three "handcrafted trips." Locally the options include the aforementioned Mission tour, a nature tour (think Lands End day hikes), and a foodie tour. [...]

Unsurprisingly, the email highlights beautiful and iconic San Francisco locations like Dolores Park. What is perhaps surprising, on the other hand, is the email's marketing copy which seems to suggest that the "big shifts" in the "rapidly changing" Mission District are entertainment -- or just another sight to be consumed by the curious traveler.

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