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I'm gonna be lazy here and just cut-and-paste what Jason said on FB:

Dear SF voters,

Six of the eleven propositions for the Nov 4 San Francisco election relate to housing, development, and the preserving of arts/culture spaces. This election is not only important for San Franciscans, but will set precedents for how other cities deal with corporate-led gentrification.

Here's a cheat sheet that has been approved by all the current community organizations and social justice groups. I'm not asking you to vote exactly the same as everything listed. Please do your own research and make up your own mind. I'm a bit torn on D, but agree with everything else.

The most important parts of this election are:

1. Unseating our corrupt mayor Ed Lee. There are three candidates all working together (imagine that!) to accomplish this. Vote for any one of them, anyone but Ed Lee.

Mayor: 1-2-3, Anyone But Ed Lee!

2. Housing Propositions

  • PROP A: Borrow $310M For Affordable Housing - Yes
  • PROP D: Mission Rock Development - Yes
  • PROP F: Enforceable Regulations on AirBnB-Type Rentals - Yes
  • PROP I: Pause New Luxury Housing in the Mission - Yes
  • PROP J: Help Preserve Legacy Businesses - Yes
  • PROP K: Use Surplus City Property for Affordable Housing - Yes

Word on the street is that Prop F has a ton of public support, but Prop I still needs people to vote for it. The Armory /, among others, is campaigning against Prop I under the guise of "Save the Music." They're lying about the nature of the proposed luxury housing moratorium and claiming that Prop I will shut them down. This is entirely false. The only effect Prop I will have on the Armory is an 18 month delay of the permits it needs to become a more a permanent venue. Since they can't have it NOW NOW NOW they'd rather campaign against the community and their own neighborhood.

League Of Pissed Off Voters 2015 Voter Guide.

BTW, Broke-Ass Stuart will be stopping by Monday Night Hubba this Monday to say a few words. He said, "Talking at a comedy titty show is about as 'on message' as could be!"

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XScreenSaver 5.34

XScreenSaver 5.34 out now.

To my shame, someone discovered a way to crash out of the xscreensaver lock dialog.

The proximate cause was that an internal consistency check failed because I meant to be checking "am I running on the signal stack?" but I was checking "is the SIGCHLD signal currently inhibited?" instead. And that condition was triggered by hot-swapping monitors while the display was locked.

But wait, why does your code that prompts for passwords need to have signal handlers and manually and explicitly respond to hardware reconfiguration? Because fuck you that's why.

Blah blah X11, complexity, privilege separation, doomed, get a Mac.


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The Dollyrots

So a few years back we're walking down the street and there are these 9-year-old girls with ukuleles playing Brand New Key, and I say, "That's a pretty dirty song for those kids to be singing." My friend says, "What are you talking about, that is a completely innocent song." Then later that night we see The Dollyrots, and they play it too, and my friend says, "Ok, you're right, that song is dirty as hell."

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Go Betty Go

T-shirts on bands so far have included Pixies, Gilman, Suspiria and Bikinikill, so I was already starting to suspect that we had time warped to 1992, and then these folks covered Elastica's Stutter en español, which narrowed that down: we are actually living inside an issue of Love and Rockets right now.

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