"Some people may find them offensive."

Rebellious plaques situated on benches in Chester

Rebellious plaques have been situated on benches in Chester with the intention of highlighting Cheshire West and Chester City council's 'draconian plans' to introduce a Public Space Protection Order (PSPO). [...] Among the scourges already in the sights of the Labour-led Cheshire West and Chester Council are legal highs, street drinking, rough sleeping, begging, busking and feeding birds. The idea is backed by the Tory opposition.

The plaques have now been removed and Maria Byrne, head of place operations for Cheshire West and Chester Council, said: "We have removed the plaques from five benches and although they may appear humorous, some people may find them offensive."

When did this notion take hold that people have some right to not be offended? I'm offended all the time. It's called not being dead yet.

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Google Places is still incomprehensible

Dear Lazyweb, I want to do two things:

  • Make Codeword show up on Google Maps at 917 Folsom St.;
  • Make a second location of DNA Pizza show up on Google Maps at the same address (or "917b" if that's how it has to be, which I guess it is) without making the existing 371 Eleventh Street location go away.

So I went to Google Places, which they seemed to have given a horrible new name of "Google My Business", and it's telling me that my existing "DNA Pizza" entry in there is "Disabled, Contact support", possibly because it is not up to the "rigorous quality requirements" of Google Plus. Yeah they actually said that. I think that every time I log in to this business dashboard -- which is about once a year -- they have disabled the DNA Pizza entry and I have never figured out why. Also they're telling me it's "unverified" again, but I definitely had them mail me that fucking verification postcard three fucking times, and succeeded in getting DNA Pizza verified at least once, but now it's back to being unverified again. Hooray.

Anyway, since the last time I looked at this shitshow, they seem to have changed the terminology around, and now -- I think? Maybe? -- it is presenting things as if "DNA Lounge" and "DNA Pizza" are two locations for the same business, which is arguably not really the case -- and I worry that things will get completely screwed up when I add a third business, Codeword, plus a second location for business number two, DNA Pizza. Codeword is not "a second location of DNA Lounge" and I don't want them to present it that way.

Am I supposed to have a separate Google My Business login for each business, even though I'm the owner of all of them? I thought Google wanted you to have one login for everything? I'm pretty sure I read somewhere that people with multiple identities were bad people who have something to hide.

Anyway, how does this crap work?

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