What does the popcorn WANT?

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8 Responses:

  1. Richard the Lionheart says:


    If this were the actual pre-movie film, I would go to theaters more.

  2. ssl-3 says:

    Is there a built-in way to search your blog in such a way as to produce everything tagged "perversions" AND "mpegs"? It will make my Halloween-party WTF playlist more simpler, if there is.

  3. tgj says:

    Interpretation: everything is going to hell for no reason that we can see, time is running out and we have no answers, go to movies and eat shit even though it's probably a bad idea because who knows why the hell not, you know it sucks but at least you know that it sucks and that's better than... what? Well, I guess it must be something we're willing to put up with just about anything to avoid thinking about, that's for sure... maybe if we didn't have such an appetitite for shit we could put it down long enough to figure out what that might be... no, no, eat shit, eat shit!

  4. Ben says:

    I was sad that it was not one of the bits before Hackers played.

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