High performance icosahedron

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  1. Eli the Bearded says:

    All that robotics and they couldn't find a spell checker for "Leight Weight"?

    • Line Noise says:

      To be fair, English isn't their first language.

      I'm more confused by the name "CableRobot Simulator". Does it simulate CableRobots? Is it a simulator to be used by CableRobots? Is it made out of CableRobots? What the hell is a CableRobot?

      Language issues aside, this thing looks like fun! Alas, I'd probably be puking in about 5 minutes.

      • Chris says:

        The simulator part is down near the end, where the user wears a headset and plays a flight sim and the rig moves in sync like Star Tours on steroids.

  2. It’s foolish, but it makes me a little proud that this is from Germany. (I usually reject such notions -- because it doesn’t make sense to be proud of something that you didn’t achieve yourself -- but I notice I’m not immune to them.)

    Agree with the strange naming. Even "Cable Robot" would be confusing. A robot to handle cables? I'd have called it something like SIX-AXIS CABLE-TETHERED BODY SHAKER. The original German name "Seilroboter" more closely translates to "Tethered Robot", which is much clearer.

    Here's a post by MPI about the machine (in German / Google Translated). (Man, how can automated translation still be so bad, after decades of research. Good for me, though, if I do manage to get work as a translator...)

    The 348 kW winch power mentioned in the video is total power for all winches. I was wondering. (So 58 kW per motor? That's a lot of power!) Took them 2 years to build it. Designed not to crash (literally!) in case of a software error.

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