An Implicit Viscosity Formulation for SPH Fluids

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  1. John says:

    So this will be in the next version of XScreenSaver, right?

  2. zompist says:

    Pretty sure you need the poop tag too.

  3. It was tricky but...

  4. ssl-3 says:

    Needs more chaos [theory]; the first animation was predictable. Also needs inclusion of air bubbles; these things appear to be doing their stuff in an atmosphere consisting of nothing, which is never actually the case.

    Otherwise, I patiently look forward to the first PhysX-accelerated Xscreensaver hack, which I hope to see before I turn old and die.

  5. kstop says:

    Looks like 2018 is going to be the year of really messed-up Pixar movies.

  6. tgj says:

    Programmer art. Cool.

  7. tgj says:

    Programmer art. Cool. I think that's the word for it.

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