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4 Responses:

  1. kwk says:

    shouldn't the safety deposit box say "PRODUCE?"

  2. Squamous Desiderius says:

    That is a honking big $350 honking fine.

    • jwb says:

      The DOT must have just forgot that one, because they went around the city taking those signs down a few years back.

  3. Some Guy says:

    So I was crossing the street around 43rd and 8th beneath just such a sign in, let's say, late 2002 (close enough, +- 10 months). A traffic cop had been posted because the light was broken. The cop motioned me across, and some irritated motorist honked me and, by implication, the cop, who was standing within 10 yards of me. I stopped, I caught the cop's eye, I pointed to the car, I pointed to he sign, and I gave her a pleading look like "please, please, please instantly issue this asshole a $350 ticket for HONKING A COP BENEATH A SIGN THAT SAYS YOU'LL GET FINED $350 FOR HONKING."

    She shrugged and went back to directing traffic, and the guy got his turn through the intersection with no fine imposed.