Rule 34: Girl Shot In The Butt With Pizza

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Hipster Barbie Is So Much Better at Instagram Than You

"Rule 1. Always gram your coffee or it didn't happen."

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Bill Domonkos: Beyond the Blue Horizon

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The latest supervillain lair for sale

Literal volcano fortress:

The Volcano House, a saucer shaped mid-century icon perched on top of a 150-foot cinder cone, offers rare architectural elements paired with unique 360 degree views. Once owned by Huell Howser, the late producer and host of the TV show California's Gold, the Volcano House sits proudly on 60 Mojave Desert acres approximately 45 minutes east of Barstow. This carefully renovated architectural two bedroom, two bathroom masterpiece offers multiple viewing and observation decks allowing you to soak in the beauty of the area, including surrounding mountains and the on-site lake. The high curved ceilings, open floor plan, and the multiple sliding glass doors that provide access to the viewing deck that wraps around the house, all work together to help you experience this unparalleled property.

At the base of the Volcano House is a detached two-story structure that contains an oversized garage as well as an upstairs apartment that could be the ideal caretaker's minion's residence.

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This just in: murderbots more efficient than humans.

Poison-Injecting Robot Submarine Assassinates Sea Stars to Save Coral Reefs

COTSBot is a 30-kilogram yellow torpedo with a maximum speed of over 2 meters per second and an endurance of over 6 hours. Five thrusters give it the capability of briefly hovering in the water column, giving it time to attack crown of thorns sea stars with an integrated poison injection system. It's completely autonomous, down to the identification and targeting of COTSS lurking among coral. [...]

When these outbreaks happen, swift and comprehensive eradication becomes a priority to keep reefs intact, but human divers can only manage to kill about 120 sea stars per hour with poison. Last year, a much more effective poison was developed at James Cook University in Queensland, Australia, called thiosulfate-citrate-bile salts-sucrose agar that can kill a COTSS in 24 hours after a single injection, causing "discolored and necrotic skin, ulcerations, loss of body turgor, accumulation of colourless mucus, loss of spines [and] large, open sores that expose the internal organs."

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