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  1. jwb says:

    How is this thing not a public menace like those Legionella-breeding cooling towers in New York? Every time I walk through this place I try to hold my breath.

    • asan110 says:

      Have you consulted a professional about this irrational fear of water?

    • Grey Hodge says:

      Because this is MOVING water, as opposed to stagnant water in ventilation ducts. Legionella is present in most environments, but it requires a specific type in order to reproduce to numbers that cause human problems. It's as safe as your shower, maybe moreso.

  2. Jamie Oliver says:

    Is this actually legit? I know there are a lot of water related diseases but moving water is considered as safe to use.

    • flodadolf says:

      Yes, it's legit: It was closed/turned off. It's now open/back on.

      And yes, you're the only person on Earth who automatically considers moving water to be "safe to use," as if the dangerous microbes really care if their greater aquatic environment is moving around.

      (And it was foolishly off "because of drought," not "because of Legionnaire's Disease." Two different non-problems.)

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