Yesssss... your body will do nicely for the young ones.

How do you like YOUR eggs? Introducing the Splorch! It is an ovipositor designed for all those xenomorph fans out there who like the idea of alien eggs and impregnation. Made of soft platinum silicone, the Splorch is stretchy enough to handle chicken egg-sized gelatin eggs. Although we do not supply these directly, all Splorch orders will include a free 6-egg mold.

Thank you for being such an excellent host.


A new version of our popular Splorch ovipositor, the Krubera is sure to make you squirm! Feel it's tube-like member bulge with eggs as it slides its way up into you, eager to implant it's offspring deep inside.

The Krubera features a subtly textured 11" shaft, and a 12' overall length. When gelatin eggs are squeezed through, it distends, rippling and writhing, the eggs sliding upward until they gently pop out the end.

As with the Splorch, the Krubera does not come with eggs. A free mold is provided for making your own.

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14 Responses:

  1. I'm a better person for knowing this exists.

  2. And here you were saying you had no idea what to do for Halloween.

  3. Cat Mara says:

    Wait, there are people for whom this is a fetish?

    What am I saying? Of course there is.

    (Walks off, muttering, looking for the brain-bleach)

  4. Angie Avdeef says:

    So. Much. Weirdness! Must you *sploch* all over the interwebs?

  5. Lloyd says:

    And people say you are hard to buy for...

  6. Buddy Casino says:

    When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth:

    > How did you get involved in all this stuff?
    I had tried everything else: I had owned a restaurant and managed many other businesses and had many successes.

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