Blood Rave

This is all talk -- just an anonymous press release -- but I appreciate their enthusiasm.

One of the organizers, who want to remain anonymous due to the nature of the event, told the AD that this is will be the first blood party in the world and the demand for it is high. [...]

They are still trying to figure out whether it will be possible to use real blood, but that is what they want. "After a long search we have developed a special sprinkler system with pipes running across the ceiling and thus making us able to spray blood over the crowd. We've already tested it a number of times a substance resembling blood", one of the organizers explained. "It is pushing the borders, but we want to see how far we can go."

I guess this is their FB invite. 3.1k "Going". Uh huh.

Very much previously.

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9 Responses:

  1. Didn't I see this in "Blade"? It didn't end well...

  2. Aaron says:

    Even if they could somehow lay hands on five kiloliters of human blood, I'm not sure what'd be worst: the engineering problems, the cleanup afterward, or the smell.

    • Nick says:

      It seems pretty anticlimactic just to spray blood from fire sprinklers. How pedestrian. I'd rather go to a gwar concert

      • jwz says:

        I've always wondered why vampires are such messy eaters. With all that velvet, the dry-cleaning bills must be insane.

    • Naturally says:

      Whereas the only real problem with chicken blood is that it doesn't taste as good as the blood of small children who have been ritually sacrificed in the name of simultaneously reversing the meaning of right and wrong and wiping the awareness of either out of the collective memory of the human race as completely as possible.

    • Other Jamie says:

      Can you imagine the clots you'd get at every bend ridge in the pipe?

      And yes, the usual $50/head cleanup crew the morning after isn't going to cut it when they need hazmat suits.

      Also, I do hope they're thinking about nonslip flooring.

      Also also, how will anyone tell the difference between dehydration deaths and stabbings?