Deserted Chinese Amusement Parks

Stefano Cerio

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Bee pee.

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Principal Component Analysis and Fashion

With a bunch of components like these, we can reduce an image from, eg 60,000 points of data (pixel values) to just a handful of numbers. [...] Let's recreate this dress from its components.

The data for the dress now looks like this: [-17541.81, -12749.33, -3766.29, 2005.28, 4193.08, 6832.55, -6704.90, -2135.51, 1112.27, 7627.80].

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DNA Lounge: Wherein the robots video is up!

Ladies and Gentlemen:
The Second Annual DNA Lounge Cocktail Robotics Grand Challenge:

It took a little while, because that's a lot of video to edit. Thank you, John!

Also, don't miss the photo gallery of the event, or the 2014 video re-cap.


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