Veruca Salt


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  1. New album in the works or just a nostalgia tour?

      • I was incredibly scared of this, but tossed them the $12 on itunes anyway, because they could probably use the money...

        ...and it's really good! About the worst thing I can think to say about it is that it sounds like they could have just as easily released it a year after "8 Arms to Hold You", but fine: they never had pretensions to being avant garde, they were just really good at this sort of music and it turns out that they still are.

        Between this and the Sleater-Kinney album, it's been a good year for bands from my youth coming back. Can't wait to see their NYC gig this friday.

        • jwz says:

          It really does sound like they could have made it in 1998, doesn't it? Which, yes, is totally fine by me.

          I think it's kind of weird that most of the reviews I've read of it have pretty much pretended that Louise's "solo" Veruca Salt albums don't even exist. I think Resolver is very nearly as good an album as Eight Arms -- I love every track. And the later releases were also pretty good: maybe not up to that standard as whole albums, but they contained some great stuff: Damage Done, Officially Dead, Closer, Save You...

  2. apm74 says:

    Glad they're back!