This art installation is very confrontational.

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10 Responses:

  1. Alphonso says:

    That bike rack appears to be in violation of the fire code.

  2. "Sleep no more."

    • crtxc says:

      You got it. No bedding and no litter. Much nicer to look at that a homeless person. Cuff you.

      Hey, You can still piss there... If your male.

      So, no sleeping and no squatting.

      Tax payers paid for that right?

  3. Early work from the trianglist period.

  4. alex4pt says:

    a shifting spanner costs how much again

  5. Kyle Huff says:

    The shadows should spell something at a certain time of day.

  6. randy_s says:

    I fail to see how that would stop a committed person from defecating there?

  7. Modern art = "I could make that" + Yeah, but you didn't

    (I saw this somewhere. I'm not that creative.)

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